The Unbeaten Thoroughbred

12 March 2022

Kincsem was an unbeaten Hungarian thoroughbred horse with the longest undefeated record of any racehorse.

A Swiss startup named Kincsem has plans to launch a line of thoroughbred luxury vehicles, starting with a hypercar.

The Jaguar C-X75 concept from 2010 inspired the design.

Introduced in 2021, the Kincsem Hyper-GT will be an extended-range electric car, where the range extender will be an internal-combustion engine fuelled by hydrogen, meaning zero emissions.

Engines running on hydrogen tend to lack power compared to using petrol due to the density differences of the fuels. Still, Kincsem claims engineering partner, Ricardo, has developed a direct-injection system that will enable the hydrogen engine to deliver similar power to a comparable petrol engine.

Kincsem is working with Plasma Kinetics to develop a system that can store hydrogen in the car at atmospheric pressure, specifically in a solid form on reels of film. This film then releases the hydrogen when light is shined on it.

The power produced by the engine will generate electricity to power the electric drive system.

Ian Callum’s studio is responsible for the design; they also designed the Jaguar C-X75. The beautiful C-X75 debuted at the 2010 Paris International Motor Show and was destined for production until Jaguar pulled the plug in 2012. A handful managed to get built with makeshift V-8 engines to film the Bond film “Spectre,” where the car appeared.

Hungarian businessman Tibor Bak founded Kincsem. If all goes to plan, the Kincsem Hyper-GT will be built at a production facility in the U.K. starting in 2025, with just 54 Hyper-GTs planned.

There is also talk about an SUV in 2026.

Hungarian word Kincsem means ‘My Treasure’; let’s hope the new owners share the meaning.