The Thoroughbred

25 February 20222

The Ferrari Purosangue will compete with the Lamborghini Urus and other super SUVs.
This vehicle will be Ferrari’s first SUV, which it wants to call an FUV, and will feature a yet-to-be-announced drivetrain.

The Purosangue is likely Ferrari’s last NA V12 series production model. I understand the vehicle will have an all-new V12 engine producing around 800 hp, making it the most powerful luxury SUV, even beating the new Aston Martin DBX 707.

The Purosague will have full 4×4 capability and a turbocharged motor, with typical Ferrari luxury and infotainment on par with the latest models.

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna announced a path towards electrification of the brand, and the new SUV will fit in. With a V12 on offer, so will a hybrid V8 or V6. Ferrari has been slow to embrace, but electrification is firmly on the cards with a new CEO, who previously led a company supplying chips for Apple iPhones.

Some of Ferrari’s modern flagships, from LaFerrari to SF90 to 296 GTB, have been hybrid, a sign of things to come for the entire range.

From the Spy-shot, the SUV appears to have a Roma-inspired front fascia.

Purosangue is Italian for ‘thoroughbred,’ a name that fits Ferrari well. Ferrari had to sue an Italian anti-doping non-profit called The Purosangue Foundation for the right to use the word.