The secret world where Supercars are made.

02 July 2022

The McLaren Technology Centre, built between 1999 and 2004, is stunning and futuristic. The facility is built like no other; its design is state-of-the-art, encourages innovation and inspires every one of the 3,000 individuals who work there.

The McLaren ethos is ‘Everything for a Reason’, and that ethos permeates through every department. Having walked around the centre, there is a feeling of calm, which is more than a coincidence.

The McLaren Group is not limited to F1 and very high-performance motor cars; they are heavily involved in electronic systems and composite materials, which has significantly impacted its motor cars.

McLaren has been competing in Formula One since 1966 and has established an enviable reputation for success. McLaren Racing is constantly evolving, for example, expanding into other series such as Extreme E, and it thinks of its commercial partnerships like a marriage.

In 2021 Arrow McLaren SP became the first Chevrolet-powered team other than Team Penske to win an IndyCar race since 2016. With Arrow McLaren SP running three full-time entries in the NTT Indycar Series in 2023, the team is looking to expand for the long term.

‘Everything for a Reason’ is echoed across every design and engineering design. Every aspect of each model has a reason, which, when combined, guarantees the ultimate car performance that delivers the most exhilarating of drives.