The Rides of March

02 March 2023

In November, Alfa Romeo teased their new supercar, likely to be called the 8C.

Subsequently, Jean-Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo’s CEO, promised an official announcement planned for March 2023.

All a bit of a mystery Stellantis own Alfa Romeo, and they have been noticeably mum about the 8C, yet I understand that Alfa has already been taking deposits.

Little of what is known indicates the car will have a petrol engine that may include some hybrid assistance to the front wheels.

The 8C will be mid-engine, probably built on a carbon-fibre monocoque, anticipated to produce 700 hp. It is guessed that the heart of this stellar creation will be a hybridised twin-turbo V-8, possibly pinched from the engineering architects at Maserati or Ferrari.

The car will not be ‘track-only’; there will be a road-going version with a much larger price tag than we are used to with Alfa.

The 8C moniker originates from a string of sports and touring built in the 30s.

Alfa has been quiet recently; perhaps their new marketing technique is one of ‘mistero’.