The Mongoose

The De Tomaso P70, aka the Ghia De Tomaso, was a joint project between Alejandro de Tomaso of Argentina and Carroll Shelby of the USA.

On reflection, the relationship between two strong-minded, culturally different icons of the performance car world was doomed to failure.

While the P70 was not a success, it did act as a catalyst for fitting large American engines in Italian bodywork.

An initial result was the De Tomaso Mangusta Prototipo in 1966, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Although it was a prototype, it was the forerunner to the successful De Tomaso Mangusta.

The Prototipo had a centre-hinged roof, its Ford 4.7 litre engine behind the driver but in front of the rear axle, providing unusually good handling characteristics.

Following on from the prototype, the De Tomaso Mangusta launched in 1967.

The Mangusta line of cars has left a lasting legacy in automotive history, influencing many
subsequent mid-engine sports cars.

The Mangusta was one of De Tomaso’s most iconic designs and left an indelible mark on the design and performance aspects of sports car development.

Mangusta translates from Italian, meaning Mongoose, an animal known for their aggression.

The De Tomaso Mangusta: A fierce predator disguised in automotive artistry.