The Human Riff

For 61 years, Keith Richards has been the lead guitarist and primary musical force behind The Rolling Stones.

The man who famously snorted his father’s ashes jumped out of a window with only a short T-shirt to protect his modesty and learned to ski when ‘I was a complete junkie’, Richards once swaggered.

Also, it was he who clearly expressed, ‘I’m a good driver’, having hit a tree when he fell to sleep with his seven-year-old in the rear seat.

Arrested by Mr Plod, Keith explained, ‘I mean nobody is perfect’.

Despite being a ‘good driver’, he wouldn’t be described as a petrolhead, but he liked spending on exorbitantly priced motor cars.

Prior to his little incident in the Bentley, he managed to crash his 1947 Mercedes-Benz convertible whilst ‘chauffeuring’ his pregnant girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, around the lanes of Sussex.

Keith was not partial to aeroplanes and would prefer to drive to gigs in his 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT.

Although he has a somewhat checkered history as a motorist, he did keep a 1983 Ferrari 440i for 35 years; he finally sold it with only 2,253 recorded miles.

The engine and body were cared for exceptionally thoroughly and carefully.

A fellow hack pointed out that maybe Keith should have applied that caring attention to his own body!