The Greatest Crumpet Catcher

As mentioned on variuos occasions previously, Enzo Ferrari referred to the Jaguar  E-type as ‘the most beautiful motor car in the world.’

The motor car was capable of 150 mph, 0-60 in seven seconds, for a car launched on 15 March 1961, this was awe-inspiring.

It was Malcolm Sayer, an aerodynamicist, who designed the E-Type.

The E-type was introduced to the world at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, its lineage impeccable, taking its lead from the Le Mans-winning Jaguar C-type and D-type.

It was promoted as a ‘relatively affordable’ production sports car. Compared with the Aston Martin at twice the price and the Ferrari at three times.

At £1,550, I guess it was relatively affordable.

The E-Type’s curvaceous appearance and impressive performance caught the attention of celebrities, including actors, musicians, and royalty.

The E-Type’s design is considered one of the most beautiful and timeless in automotive history.

Its long, sleek hood, flowing curves, and low-slung body create an aura of elegance and sensuality.

It is closely connected with the swinging sixties, conjuring up images of long hair, short skirts, ‘fab’ music and liberated sex.

It remains a symbol of the golden age of sports cars.