The Genius which is Ian Gordon Murray

11 February 2022

Gordon Murray Design. A  lot has been written about Gordon Murray recently, especially regarding the T50 and the latest iteration, the T33.

But the man is as interesting as his cars; he was born 18 June 1946 to Scottish immigrant parents and grew up in Durban, South Africa. His father was a motorcycle racer and later prepared racing cars.

I recently read a 1980’s book where reference is to the man, ‘Murray has huge integrity, ideas of genuine vision, maintain a zen-like calm, despite having ridden his Honda VF100R two-wheeled missile from Guildford to Kent. A walk around Brands Hatch is like having your compass re-set after a nasty bout in a magnetic storm.’

Remember this is the man who, from 1991 to 2004, headed the offshoot McLaren Cars team to design the road-going supercar, the McLaren F1.

Gordon left the McLaren Group in 2005 to set up his own business, Gordon Murray Design. The company was operating from July 2007 and was established originally to develop an innovative and disruptive automotive technology,

And now to the present; the T.33, a new supercar designed to be a baby sibling to the superlative T.50 and T.50s.

With only 100 to be built, guaranteeing exclusivity and a price tag of at least £1.37million each. An ultra-lightweight with a V12 engine, and the first deliveries are for 2024, and all sold!

This brilliant man, who will be 76 in June, was interested in the aerospace industry as a paradigm of the technical, but found progress there too slow, fortunately for the spectacular motor cars, he continues to create.