The Fezza and the Porker

Some of the most esteemed supercar manufacturers have acquired nicknames for their thoroughbreds.

Enthusiasts and ardent fans typically provide these names, and they are rarely meant to be derogatory.

Fezza relates to Ferrari, Lambo to Lamborghini, and Bug to Bugatti.

The Mercedes S-Class, W140, produced between 1991 and 1998, was known as ‘The Bear’ since it was the car of choice for the Russian Mafia.

The Porsche 911 was known as ‘The Widowmaker’ due to its demanding handling.

But Porsche is also known affectionately as a Porker.

As to the origination of the name, some think Porker is the way Germans pronounce Porsche.

Others say the early Porsche looked like a fat pig.

Porsche, not an organisation to miss a publicity opportunity, painted their 1971 Le mans qualifying 917/20 coupé pink and embellished it with cuts of pork.

The Brits called it the Pink Pig, the French, le Cochon Rose.

Every car has a story, but with a nickname, it becomes a legend.