The Dark Port

The Donkervoort family business started with Joop Donkervoort in 1978, and now his son, Denis, runs it.

Donkervoort Automobielen BV manufactures hand-built, ultra-lightweight sports cars and is based in Lelystad, Netherlands.

They are known as The Motoring Pride of the Netherlands.

Their latest creation, the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70, is a motor car like no other; it is a motor car that the family, Donkervoort, have worked to deliver ‘a supercar for people who ache for the heightened senses and the purity of unfiltered driving experiences.’

Powered by a 2.5-litre inline-five turbocharged Audi-sourced engine producing 415 bhp and weighing in at only 680 kg, it reaches 62mph in 2.7 seconds and 124mph in 7.7 seconds.

As its moniker confirms, only 70 exist.

Donkervoort translates to Dark Port, a term used when a ship turns off its identification system as it is likely transporting ‘a secret cargo.’

The JD70 also carries a secret cargo; its sheer performance has moved beyond the usual indicators of acceleration and braking to measuring G forces.

In the words of Donkervoort:

‘It’s the place where you become intimate with your limits and the limits of your Donkervoort.’