The Coolest Concours

23 February 2023

St Moritz hosts the International Concours of Elegance the last weekend in February,  simply known as the ICE.

The spectacle is held in the glamourous setting of the frozen lake of St. Moritz, bringing together the best in classic cars with collectors, car enthusiasts and jet setters worldwide.

A most unlikely setting and challenging to create, the idea of such a pageant was broached as far back as the 1980s. Just imagine the safety considerations; 100s of cars and thousands of people racing and sliding in gay abandon on only inches of ice just above Lake St Moritz.

Permission was necessary from the St Moritz authority, the police, and numerous other responsible parties; however, in 2019, ICE was formally established.

Interestingly, the ICE was conceived by a group of British Cresta Run Members led by the Laird of Eigg, Keith Schellenburg. In January 1985, a band of Bentley Boys and Girls drove to St. Moritz in their vintage open-top Bentleys to participate in the Cresta Run.

St. Moritz will become the most elegant showcase in the world, with competing cars providing unique dynamic events and power slides on the icy surface of Lake St. Moritz.

Elegance on ICE