The Company’s Most Powerful Car Ever

Following a design sketch released in February as a teaser, Morgan is fully revealing the Plus 8 GTR as
the Company’s Most Powerful Car Ever.

A total of nine cars only will be built, all fitted with a BMW V8 4.8 litre, naturally aspirated engine producing 375hp. BMW dropped the engine from their line-up a few years ago; BMW used it in the X5 4.8i and 4.8iS that delivered 355hp.

BMW also installed the engine in the 550i/650i/750i models from the mid-2000s.

All Plus 8 GTR’s Morgan’s will be painted in Yas Marina Blue with a distinctive number eight on the grille. The colour references the Plus 8 ‘Big Blue’ race car from the 1990s. After discovering a few remaining rolling chassis, Morgan devised the new vehicle.
The first couple of cars will be delivered in 2021, with the balance provided in the first quarter of 2022.

A choice of six-speed manual or automatic, plus both right-hand and left-hand drive options, are available.

Five of the nine cars have already been sold to export markets, with the other four remaining in the UK.

Morgan has encouraged all new owners to be involved in the appointments of their cars, allowing a bespoke motoring asset.