The Battle Royale

03 February 2023

I recently read the headline, ‘Ferrari to go all out to sigh Lando Norris as Charles Leclerc eyes Hamilton’s seat.’
Wow, I thought, have I missed something?
I should have realised what it was saying, if Hamilton was to retire (looking unlikely) and Charles Leclerc was interested in taking Lewis’s place, then Ferrari would be keen to sign Lando.
Charles Leclerc’s contract with Ferrari expires in 2024, and Lewis’s contract expires at the end of 2023 with Mercedes, so anything is possible. But until then, it’s anyone’s guess.
If Charles did join Mercedes and Lewis became an ambassador, can you imagine the dynamics between George Russell and Charles Leclerc?
Of course, much depends upon the success and politics of Silver Arrows, given the disappointing 2022 season, with porpoising, the season’s design regulations, and the psychological despondency for drivers and teams.
Who knows what will happen if Lewis regains his form and gets a more competitive car?
The top teams are all claiming significant enhancements and expectations; 2023 looks very interesting.
Let the Battle Royale begin.