The Badge of Me

Mr Torsten Müller-Ötvös has achieved many things with Roll-Royce in the last 14 years; he has now decided at the ripe old age of 63 that he will retire.

To mention just a few of Torsten’s achievements is enough to appreciate the legacy he will leave.

The sales of that oh-so-famous marque have increased by 500%, yes, 500%!

He felt that the age group historically driving Rollers’ was too high, and through market research and deft marketing, he has reduced the average age of the buyer from 56 to 43.

What I found surprising is that 43 is the youngest average customer age of any BMW Group motor car.

Furthermore, the factory delivered 6,021 motor carriages worldwide last year, with an average price of £427,000.

He has achieved the unthinkable: Rolls-Royce will become electrified; I can’t imagine what Mr Rolls and Mr Royce would have to say about that.

He joined the mighty Rolls-Royce in 2010, where sales had risen from 1,002 cars in 2009 to 2,711 in 2010; they delivered 6,021 motor cars last year.

At the start of his tenure, the rather grand Rolls-Royce family had a two-car range, the old-fashioned Phantom and the newly added Ghost.

Now they have a more diverse range, including an SUV, albeit a rather luxurious 4×4, nonetheless, a 4×4.

They are spearheading their electrification programme with the Spectre, and already, there is a significant waiting list for their approved clientele.

Last but not least, you can customise your Rolls-Royce by ‘blacking it out’ and generally making your Roller menacing.

I bet Henry and Charles are turning in their graves.

In closing, Mr Müller-Ötvös explained that his clients’ don’t want to travel from A to B

He calls the revolution ‘The Badge of Me.’