Regera steals from Nevera

14 July 2023

In a competition of any kind, often thought, it is more challenging to get to the top than stay at the top, and so it is with high-performance motor car record attempts.

The all-electric Rimac Nevera has recently broken numerous performance records; however, literally weeks after its last record of zero-249-zero mph, the Koenigsegg Regera hybrid has beaten the record.

Interestingly, not by enhancing power output but by fitting special tyres; Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs.

Whatever rule of motoring physics is broken, the ‘mad scientists’ behind these heroics are trying to outsmart the competition. Their competitors own passionately driven, visionary, borderline crazy quantum theorists.

Bugatti pulled out of record-seeking in 2019; nevertheless, I noticed they are breaking new speed records, this time with their well-heeled customers.

Bugatti’s ‘Finding 400’ event was at the Kennedy Space Centre. Where else?

The idea is to train their customers to handle the incredible power that humans are ‘aint designed for.

To quote Bugatti. ‘There are, of course, the problems of perception – focusing is difficult with the world passing by so fast – and the way the car behaves at such speeds.’

For the few mortals likely to experience these problems, hold on to your leather racing hat; the G-force is coming.