Piero who?

07 July 2023

Piero Lardi Ferrari, the second son of Enzo Ferrari.

Piero’s brother ‘Dino’ died from muscular dystrophy on 30 June 1956 at the tender age of 24.

Piero is vice chairman of Ferrari and owns 10.23% of Ferrari Automotive Group, making him a billionaire.

Additionally, he owns 13.2% of Ferretti, the prestigious Italian Yacht builders, who have many subsidiary boat-building businesses, including the distinguished Riva brand.

Piero also owned shares in Piaggio Aero, one of the world’s oldest aeroplane manufacturers. Piero owns several of their business jets, all adorned with the Ferrari logo.

He also owns a beautiful significant yacht named Race, a personal helicopter, and a notable real estate portfolio.

His net assets are estimated to be more than £3.8 billion.

He has recently ordered a Ferrari Purosangue utilising Ferrari’s Tailor Made program. The Purosangue is painted in Verde Dora, which replicates his father’s personal colour of his 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica.

That dear readers, is who Piero Ferrari is.