Operation Peninsula and the policeman in an HGV

The police have used unmarked HGV Tractor Units AKA: Supecabs as surveillance vehicles to ‘crack-down’ on erring motorists.

The latest efforts based on the M5 motorway in Somerset caught 240 offenders in two weeks; 192 vehicles were stopped by the police, including 77 HGV’s and 78 private vehicles, several of whom were given advice or fixed penalty notices. Whilst five arrests were made.

The secret patrols in Somerset are known as Operation Peninsula, which is part of the national scheme known as Operation Tramline.

It seems that Operation Tramline has been in operation since 2015.

Not surprisingly, the most ‘popular’ offence is using a mobile phone whilst driving, followed by people not wearing seat belts and, thirdly, speeding violations.

UK motorway safety drive catches 240 offenders in just two weeks.

Some positive news; in 2019, pre-pandemic, there were 526 collisions on the M4 and 821 on the M5; the latest figures show a 20% reduction.

The message: Drive considerately and Stay Safe.