Oh, for Flying out Loud

25 August 2022

Samson Sky has finally received American Federal Aviation Administration clearance to take flight after passing safety tests for its ‘Switchblade’, a fast three-wheeler sports car that turns into an aircraft with the push of a button within three minutes.

After 14 years of development, the FAA has approved the Samson Switchblade (a fast, street-legal three-wheeler which converts at the touch of a button into a 200-mph aeroplane) for airworthiness. The team is now preparing for flight tests.

Power is from a 3-cylinder, 1.6-litre liquid-cooled engine that uses 91 octane pump fuel and produces 190 horsepower. Interestingly, the engine acts as a generator, powering electric wheels in drive mode and an electric propellor motor fly mode. As a three-wheeler, it’s possible to register it as a motorcycle, and Samson claims speeds of over 125 mph.

The Switchblade has a retractable tail and a folding wing, enabling it to fly at 16,000ft.

It requires an airstrip, albeit very short and needs a small hangar or garage able to house a large saloon.

Flying cars have been fabled for years; what makes this slightly different is that it has been in the research and development phase for almost 14 years, and now, to be granted FAA approval does make it feel real.

I understand that virtually 1,600 prospective buyers will pay £127,000 for the dinner party bragging rights.

‘Flying cars; I don’t think they will ever take off.’