Not the first 4-door Ferrari

16 March 2023

Bold headlines claim: The First 4-door and First SUV from Ferrari.

Apparently, not.

The first 4-door Ferrari was the Ferrari Pinin, a one-off concept car created by Italian design studio Pininfarina to celebrate the design studio’s 50th anniversary.

Regarding the SUV description, Ferrari has gone to great lengths to confirm that their SUV is definitely not an SUV. The Purosangue (Thoroughbred) is a ‘Unique Sports Car unlike any other.’

Despite having off-road ability, hill descent control and predictive four-wheel drive, it is not an SUV!

The Lamborghini Urus has become a cash cow for its maker, just as other luxury SUVs have done elsewhere. Still, Ferrari insists that there are other reasons for the Purosangue.

The SUV market has generally allowed the development of other less profitable models to be built. Curiously, reminiscent of Enzo Ferrari funding his racing by selling ‘road cars’.

The Purosangue will only ever have one engine, a V12, 6,496cc, naturally aspirated, hybrid-assisted engine producing 725hp.

The same engine used in the Ferrari Enzo, the 599GTB, the F12 Berlinetta and the 812 Superfast GTS.

The Purosangue will represent only 20 per cent of Ferrari’s overall output, compared to more than half of all Lamborghinis built annually are Urus.

Also, Porsche had developed theType 542, a modern four-door saloon regrettably never to enter series production due to a shortage of funds.
The Porsche Cayenne was originally marketed as, ‘The Cayenne stands for a spirited driving experience,’ and was to be produced in small numbers, and yet subsequently becoming Porsche’s saviour.
The Purosangue stands for; ‘Unique Sports Car unlike any other.’ Could it become Ferrari’s saviour?