Nico & Mate

12 August 2022

Nico Rosberg takes delivery of the first production Rimac Nevera; the Nevera is one of the quickest accelerating motor cars you can drive on a public road. The engine produces 1,914 hp.

Rimac has finally delivered the first production Nevera electric hypercar, and its delighted new owner is none other than Formula 1 world champion and Sustainability Entrepreneur Nico Rosberg.

As you probably know, Nico’s home is the Principality of Monaco; the Nevera will become the first all-electric car in the Sovereign State.

Nico’s car finished in Stellar Black paint with Vertex wheels and black calipers; the interior is also finished in black Alcantara with ‘Rico Rosberg’ etched into the armrest. The car, costing from $2.4-million will be 001 of 150

Nico says he put in his order for a Nevera very early on, which is why his vehicle is the first customer car.

The Nevera has 14 cameras; Mate Rimac explains that this benefits people taking the hypercar on the track; owners can download the footage and overlay the vehicle’s telemetry onto the video.

The first Nevera prototype was completed in August 2021, but the start of production was July 2022.

Incidentally, Mr Rosberg has also placed an order for a Mercedes-AMG One. Tough life being an ex F1 driver