Mr Palmer and the Inept Government

The former boss of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, has strongly criticised the Government’s lack of plan for EVs and the industry to support them.

He called them ‘inept’. He believes ministers are considering the next election rather than the long-term plan for EVs.

This condemnation of the Government is fuelled by a survey that concludes consumer confidence in electric cars has dropped massively from two years earlier.

The survey also found that only 16% of the 11,000 + drivers contacted felt the Government was correct to work towards the 2030 deadline for banning new petrol and diesel cars.

As to the reasons proffered, only 9% said the next car would be electric as they are too expensive and that combined with rising energy prices.

With respect to buying a pre-owned electric car, only 8% were confident, and 64% felt that the life of a battery could be better than that of a petrol or diesel motor car.

Furthermore, 70% of the respondents feel that the public charging infrastructure is unreliable.

The situation needs clarification following vague comments from our Prime Minister.

He recently said, ‘the UK would progress towards net zero, but it would be done proportionately and pragmatically’.

I’m unsure what that means, but it hardly seems like a dynamic leadership statement.

Former Business Secretary Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg said that scrapping the 2030 ban would be a ‘real opportunity’ for the Conservative Party to help gain support at the next general election.

The Net Zero Scrutiny Group Chair, Tory MP Craig Mackinlay, said the 2030 deadline looked increasingly flawed’.

The EU and the US have pushed their deadline to 2035; now, the UK stands alone with the 2030 deadline.

Stay tuned!