Mr M and the Little Porker

Tesla has produced an impressive video showing the newly released Tesla Cybertruck racing a Porsche 911 (aka, Porker) over a quarter of a mile and winning!

And that’s not all; the Cybertruck was pulling a trailer with a Porker on it.

Mr Musk explained, ‘This is an actual Porsche. We literally just got it from the dealer.’

He went on to say, ‘It can tow a Porsche 911 across a quarter of a mile faster than the Porsche 911 can go by itself.’

The Cybertruck may be two years late and USD$30,000 more expensive than first promised, but the Cybertruck will be available in 2024, at least in America.

There are or will be three variants, the first costing $61k, the second $80k and the Cyberbeast at £100K.

Back to the recent race, it seems Elon may have told a Porker as well as towing one.

The film was shot at the Sacramento Raceway over a much shorter distance.

It was an eighth of a mile distance, not a quarter of a mile, that Elon claimed, and he forgot to mention the Porsche was gaining ground rapidly.

That said, we shouldn’t take due praise away from the Tesla.

It’s a pity that Elon is prone to a little exaggeration occasionally.

Elon, the man whose tweets are faster accelerating than his rockets!