Luigi would turn in his grave.

The Ford Flashback was launched at the 1975 Chicago Motor Show and had been designed (not sure that’s the best word) by Ghia Torino in Italy.

The rationale behind what, fortunately, remained a concept was a ‘Flashback’ to the 1930s and 40s designs.

For some bizarre reason, Ford felt there was a market for a ‘Compact’ packed with luxury.

There was a seismic shift in motor car design in America, with attention from emissions to safety.

But as far as car design, it was a time when simplicity in detailing, functional interiors, and luxury features were subdued.

What could have been in the minds of Ford and Ghia Torino is challenging to imagine.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but really?

Luigi Segre, the owner of the Italian coachbuilder Carozzeria Ghia S.p.A, designed the beautiful Karmann Ghia for Volkswagen.

VW redefined motor car history at the 1955 Frankfurt International Motor Show when introducing the world to the exquisite coupé.

The coupé is an example of pure Italian automotive design for the period.

I can envisage Luigi would be rolling in his tomb if he knew how the mighty Ford had recklessly abused his name.