Life without Cullen

23 March 2023

Angela Cullen: Physio, friend, and rock for F1 Lewis Hamilton.

Just before the recent Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton announced that his partnership with Angela Cullen ended after seven years.

Cullen has been the British star’s closest ally in the paddock and helped him towards four of his seven world titles.

There has always been an unflappable respect between Lewis and Angela. Lewis said, ‘I’m a better person because of her.’

She confirmed their split in a statement telling Hamilton ‘There’s nothing you can’t do’ in an emotional goodbye.

Lewis suffered a disappointing 2022 season, and 2023 could have been a better start.

Toto Wolff says he wouldn’t blame Lewis if he sought to move away following Lewis’s announcement of the split with his close friend and confidante.

Lewis has yet to announce a replacement. I understand that someone from within Mercedes will step in to help.

She managed Lewis’s daily routine, personal logistics, nutrition, sleep habits, and other essential aspects of Lewis’ life.

Hamilton once famously said, ‘People for sure won’t understand it, but she has been one of the greatest things that have happened to me in my life.’