Let the Silly Season Begin.

05 January 2023

Can Lewis Hamilton win his eighth F1 title in 2023?

Lewis will focus on winning a record-breaking Drivers Championship; if he achieves his aim, he will become the most decorated Formula 1 driver in history.

Hamilton, initially looked set to consider retirement at the end of the 2023 season, but that now looks unlikely to happen, given his recent pledge to sign a new deal with Mercedes to most likely keep him in F1 beyond his 40th birthday.

Despite a very disappointing year for Lewis, where he failed to manage a win during the 2022 Grand Prix season, this was his worst performance since joining the F1 circus in 2007.

The Mercedes team, Silver Arrows, struggled with porpoising for over half of the season; ‘Zero Sidepods’ took the blame for their uninspiring season.

Whatever the reason, Toto Wolff has admitted to some uncomfortable problems and justifications; there have been advances with both the engine and the chassis, and he said, ‘looking forward to making a fresh start next year.’

An interesting point regarding the future of drivers, including Lewis; Seven of the 20 drivers set to take to the grid for the 2023 season have contracts which expire at the end of next year.

With 24 races, a crown to play for, and a plethora of potential team swaps, the 2023 season is looking fascinating before it has started.