Lamborghini’s Loss?

12 May 2023

In engineering circles, when Pagani is mentioned, thoughts become obsessed with industrial design purity.

The detail is spiritual, even down to the bolts, they could all be steel but are titanium, saving negligible weight; each bolt also has ‘Pagani’ engraved around the head.

This is the kind of detail Horacio Pagani is known for.

A little bit of his backstory, his mother, Maria, was Argentinian, and his father, Luca, was born in Italy.

Horacio spent the first 20 years of his life in Argentina.

His natural technical ability drove him back to Italy, where he was determined to work for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo or Lamborghini.

He was eventually employed by Lamborghini, initially on the production line and to the department specialising in carbon fibre and chief engineer in due course.

Horacio was convinced of the benefits of carbon fibre; he tried to persuade Lambo’ that they needed an industrial autoclave, but they refused; they reasoned that since their number one enemy, Ferrari, didn’t need one, why should they?

In 1987, having arranged a personal bank loan, he bought his own autoclave and formed Pagani Composite Research.

And the rest, as they say, is History.