Lamborghini Trademark, No Bull

13 June 2022

The Revuelto

If it does become a car, it will be the third Lamborghini not named after a bull; the previous two are Sesto Elemento and, most famously, Countach.

The name Revuelto roughly translates to unruly, with its adjectives, wild and turbulent, which sounds more like it.

The trademark is filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Italian Trademark Office. It has been registered with filing number 018707961, with Classes 9, 12, 25 and 28 selected. Class 9 refers to Electric Batteries, Class 12, Electric Vehicles (including Scooters), Class 25, Clothing and Class 28, model cars, car games Etc.

Whilst this filing doesn’t mean the Revuelto will be an electric vehicle, it seems pretty likely, given Lamborghini has covered all bases, electric.

Previously Lamborghini has stated that it will hybridise its entire line-up by 2024 and have a fully electric vehicle by 2030.

Steven Winkleman, CEO of Lamborghini, confirmed Lamborghini’s intention of building an electric 2+2 GT Coupé before their successful 4×4 Urus, which incidentally, represented just over half of Lamborghini sales in the first quarter of 2022.

If the Revuelto is to be a 2+2 Coupé, then it could be based upon the cancelled Asterion (also not a bull), which, had it happened, would have been the first hybrid vehicle from Lamborghini; it was shelved in favour of the Urus. From the sales figures, it sounds like the correct decision. Lamborghini only built one Asterion, but should it have survived was capable of a 0-62mph in 3 seconds and a top speed of 198mph, which was six years ago.

We will have to wait for an official announcement regarding the Revuelto, but with Lamborghini intending to hybridise its entire range by 2024, the announcement could be sooner rather than later.