Koenigsegg. Teaser of the Year

Koenigsegg has announced their New Year resolution; ‘Dear 2022, here’s our New Year’s resolution – More ultimate performance through clever engineering and optimal design. Here we go!’

Along with it, an image that does nothing to clarify matters.

Christian von Koenigsegg founded the Swedish marque in 1994. Its first street-legal production vehicle, the CC8S, was launched 20 years ago, with only six manufactured. Could this be a homage to the CC8S?

What is difficult to understand is that Koenigsegg is a tiny specialist manufacturer; it currently produces the Jesko and the Regera and will start building the Gemera. The sheer logistics of increasing from two to a four-model range is puzzling to fathom.

For sure, the mystery car will be outrageous and very capable.

Statistically, one-third of all New Years Resolutions don’t make it beyond the end of January, here’s to Koenigsegg being part of the two thirds.