Is Amedo Blameworthy?

According to Reuters, our very own Aston Martin is once again ‘reaching out to current and former heads of automakers to succeed (is that polite for kick out?) Amedeo Felisa as its Chief Executive Officer.

Aston Martin, as you would expect, declined to comment.

Rumour has it that Lawrence Stroll has contacted various potential candidates in order to gauge interest in the somewhat precarious role of blame-taker at the quintessential car maker.

I say precarious since it seems the likelihood of making a long-term career change to be a guiding light for ‘one’s Aston.’ seems improbable.

Mr Stroll encouraged the now 77-year-old Amedo in May 2022 to replace Tobias Moers, the wonder boy from Mercedes-AMG who had been in the exulted position for less than two years.

Of course, Tobias replaced Andy Palmer, who, incidentally, left only months after Mr Stroll ‘saved’ Aston.

In November 2023, Aston announced that it expected to produce, let alone sell, fewer motor vehicles than previously indicated.

I kinda feel we’ve heard that before; anyhow, Aston’s full year’s figures are due in the not-too-distant future.

And if, as anticipated, the figures are likely to disappoint investors, someone has to take the blame!

No prizes for guessing the probable recipient of that responsibility.