How to build a Supercar in Your Garage

29 September 2022

Take one man, Australian Jeff David, one garage and one cast-off Ariel Atom, gently mix the components and hey presto, a supercar materialises.

The result is the Quantum GP700, and as to the 700?

It produces 700hp and weighs 700Kg.

The design amalgamates superbike and Formula 1 influence. From a computer simulation to the creation was a 4-year journey.

This little terror was not built in a very high-equipped racing car workshop. It was built in Jeff’s shed.

This amateur machine sits well in Koenigsegg territory. One of the fastest Koenigseggs; the Jesko hits 60mph in 2.5 seconds, and the GP700 does it in 2.6 seconds; of course, the Jesko can top 300mph, and the poor little Quantum has a top speed limited to 174mph; however, that may be irrelevant on the track since the GP700 can corner up to 2.5gs at 112mph.

As to where the power comes from? A 2.7 litre, four-cylinder Honda K series engine, plus a couple of superchargers thrown in for good luck

As one Australian pundit described it:

‘Gear changes from the six-speed paddle-shift Holinger gearbox provide no relief to the maniacal surge. Connected not to one but two superchargers, the engine erupts into a noise that sounds like a four-cylinder chainsaw pushing out its last rep on a bench press.’