Hold on to your Hats

06 December 2022

Founded in 1997, Radical is a Cambridge-based company that produces what it calls ‘sports racing cars’ for Gentlemen Racers.

There are nine models to pick from, two of which are road legal, and just three have closed cockpits.

The current cars have a range of engines. They span from the 1.4-litre Suzuki bike motor of the SR1 through the in-house V8 of the SR8 to a turbocharged, 2.3-litre Ford Ecoboost.

But now Radical have announced the 850bhp Project 25, which will be Radical’s most extreme model yet. Radical will produce only 25 units.

Project 25 will be powered by a Radical Performance Engine, a V6 bi-turbo motor, with an expected power output of 850 bhp.

The car will be based on a space frame chassis, meaning a very light vehicle with a significant power-producing engine. It hardly surprises that the company is promising ‘outstanding driver engagement and feedback’.

Radical has its own racing series and claims racing in one of Radical’s many single-marque race series is the ultimate driving experience providing an adrenaline rush beyond compare.

And now, Project 25. As Ayrton Senna famously said, ‘The past is just data. I only see the future.

Hold on to your hats, gentlemen; this could be the ride of a lifetime.