Have you been Strollified?

Another positive Strollified announcement by Aston Martin’s renowned Chairman cited revenue up by 21%, gross profit increased by 30%, DB12 deliveries commenced, Valkyrie deliveries started, etc.

However, the market read it differently; the shares dropped by 15% at one point.

Aston Martin reported a larger-than-anticipated third-quarter loss and a revised volume projection for the DB12 model.

The adjusted operating loss came in at £48.4m. That was down from the previous year’s £55.5m but fell short of estimates at £37.5m.

As to the DB12, evidently, it will be facing delays due to ‘supplier readiness’, whatever that means.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the quintessential marque.

Not that long ago, Aston was swaying under enormous pressure. From its IPO in 2018, its share price tumbled from £8 to £1.

Aston’s recovery has been nothing short of amazing, if not very confusing.

I understand there are ‘good vibes’ within Aston Martin, which has been helped with their recovery in Formula One.

Lance Stroll finished fifth in Sao Paulo, and good old Alonso took his place on the podium.

There can be no doubt their history has been fascinating, if not a little checkered; they are survivors.

I wish only well for Aston Martin.