Government accidentally leaks Lotus Patents

18 March 2022

The Australian Government accidentally leaked the design patents of the upcoming new SUV from Lotus. The leak seems to confirm Lotus is in the process of completing their highly secretive SUV; they are close on the heels of Ferrari with their Purosangue.

It is no secret that Lotus are pursuing electrification for its model range.

From the images so far seen, the Lotus 132 has been likened, in appearance, to the Lamborghini Urus.

According to the Lotus website, the 132 will be officially announced on 29 March, with deliveries later in the year. It is an e-Segment SUV, meaning Executive SUV; there is speculation that a Coupé version will arrive in 2023. There has been media conjecture that the ultimate name for the 132 will be the Lotus Lambda (the 11th star in the constellation).

The interior will be a significant departure for Lotus. It will feature a comprehensive digital dashboard with a large touchscreen, 5G connectivity and over-the-air updates with cameras to replace mirrors. 

Lotus will offer the 132 in two and four-wheel variants with a potential of 800 bhp. As expected from Lotus, excellent handling will be a priority on and off-road.

Lotus is targeting the mid-SUV market, currently supplied by the Jaguar i-Pace, Audi e-Tron and Tesla Model Y rather than Bentayga, Urus territory.

It is hardly a surprise that the 132 will be produced in China, given that its owners, Geely, are a Chinese car behemoth. A lot is riding on the 132, primarily to turn its fortunes around. I understand Lotus is also developing an all-electric sports car in partnership with Alpine, an affordable sports coupé similar to the current Emira. 

Whilst I am all for progress when reference is Lotus, my mind transfers to the beauty and charm of the Elise and the Elan; I know I am a bit of a dinosaur.