Goodbye Le Mans

05 January 2023

Although Audi is the second most successful at Le Mans (Porsche is first), with more than 12 wins, they have recently officially declared their intention to withdraw from the n LMDh (Le Mans Daytona h) series.

The announcement was a complete bombshell.

Audi has subsequently announced that they are entering Formula 1; the first season will be in 2026.

As it is still very early days, very little is known about Audi’s plans, although pictures are available showing the proposed livery of the new entrant.

Several initial tidbits of information are available; namely, a 1.6-litre hybrid engine configuration matched to a 400kW electric motor. The plan is to run the engine with a more sustainable fuel than is currently used.

Audi and Sauber have announced a partnership for the 2026 Formula One season; coincidentally, the same year, new engine regulations will come into force in the sport.

Sauber will design the chassis that Audi’s hybrid engine will power.

Given that F1 has increased in popularity. It is by far the best media and marketing tool in motorsport and one of the best in any industry.

It is little wonder that Audi is leaving home and joining the circus.