Ferrari SP3

Ferrari Daytona SP3

In 2018, Ferrari, which has manufactured sports cars since 1939, announced a new range of special edition vehicles in its lineup known as ‘Icona’, celebrating some of the Italian manufacturer’s classic Ferrari designs for the modern epoch.

The Daytona has a wholly unique design that is the Ferrari’s most aerodynamically efficient model ever built. Just like the cars that inspired it, the aerodynamic research and innovation focused on achieving maximum efficiency purely using passive aero solutions. The most striking design aspect is the rear, where Ferrari has a stack of vertical bars spanning across it.

The interior design has influenced the exterior design, from the wrap-around windscreen to the seats built into the chassis structure, seating adjustment via a position amendable peddle box.

The engine is an improved form of the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 as found in the Ferrari 812 Competizione, providing 829 bhp, making it the most potent Ferrari engine has ever built.

The Daytona SP3 achieves 62 miles per hour in 2.86 and 7.4 seconds to 124 mph.

Ferrari has utilised composite materials for the chassis and body, including carbon fibre and Kevlar. Pirelli has created a specific tyre, optimising the tyre for both wet and dry performance.

The Daytona is also the first V12 Ferrari to get the company’s Dynamic Enhancer, a system designed to ensure more predictable on-the-limit handling.