Ferrari dared to Blacklist the Kardashians

03 June 2022

Recently leaked news saying that Ferrari has blacklisted the Kardashians.

Ferrari has always imposed limits about who can and can’t buy a Prancing Horse, and whilst not everyone is happy about their stance. Still it is their choice; at the end of the day, many aficionados believe it enhances the brand’s prestige and should be applauded.

Whilst Ferrari says they never blacklist potential clients, they say, ‘they pick carefully’. A saying goes, ‘You don’t own a Ferrari; Ferrari owns you.’ To them, anyone driving a Ferrari reflects the brand.

If Ferrari feels that the brand’s integrity is in jeopardy or is being used to self-promote, they will actively restrict the sale.

Many celebrities have been denied access to the exalted world of the Red Car.

Among them is Deadmau5, the EDM musician who famously took a Ferrari 458 Spider and applied a wrap dedicated to a meme from the early 2000s called Nyan Cat, calling the car Purrari.

Following the repossession of his Ferrari 458 Spider, the rapper Tyga can’t buy another Ferrari. Preston Henn the American entrepreneur who founded the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop in 1963. sued Ferrari for $75,000 after being rejected, arguing that Ferrari’s action had tarnished his reputation. 

Surprise, surprise, he later dropped the suit.

Even today, in the World of the Influencer, Ferrari is not one to participate when it comes to showing off the Prancing Horse logo.