Felino cB7R

27 May 2022

FELINO is a supercar manufacturer based in Greater Montreal. Designed by Canadian racing driver Antoine Bessette, the FELINO cB7R stands out with its raw performance and unique lines. Targeting an experienced clientele of sports driving enthusiasts, FELINO competes with major international manufacturers in the high-end supercars segment.

Its USP ‘is to enable the driver to become one with the machine’; to this end, FELINO offers an optional seat moulded on the contours of the driver’s body.

All Felino’s are custom-built, one car at a time, according to the tastes and requests of the customer.

Bessette designed the FELINO cB7R to bring the driver an unprecedented driving experience and emotions, setting it apart from other supercars. FELINO engineers have adopted a technological approach essentially focused on mastering a raw performance that they wanted to place, without filters, in the hands of the driver. The cB7R is a track car adapted to the road.

Felino’s latest model is the cB7R. It’s an update of the cB7 and geared toward use on the street, though it is still a mean track machine. Buyers can choose between 6.2 and 7.0-litre V-8s sourced from General Motors, with power outputs ranging from 525 to 700 horsepower. They can also choose between a 6-speed manual and 6-speed sequential transmissions.

The cB7R is limited to 10 units worldwide. In addition to minimal production, the FELINO customisation program ensures the buyer a near-absolute exclusivity.