F1 Snippets

02 March 2023

✺ The 2023 Bahrain GP will take place on the weekend of March 3 to March 5.

✺ Red Bull may have to move or sell the Alphatauri Team.

✺ Mercedes’ W14 featured lowly in the speed traps throughout the three days of testing in Bahrain.

✺ Backing Aston Martin for an early upset in 2023 is the hottest take from Formula 1 pre-season testing.

✺ One possible explanation is that both sides await to see Mercedes’s competitiveness before committing to a new deal.

✺ Lewis Hamilton says a possible ban on tyre blankets from Formula 1 next year is both “dangerous” and “pointless”.

✺ Christian Horner is impressed with Aston Martin’s ‘big step’ forward.

✺ Valtteri Bottas is optimistic heading into the 2023 F1 season with Alfa Romeo after a positive experience during pre-season testing.

✺ F1 launches new driver academy with Tottenham Hotspur FC.

✺ I don’t care if I don’t win another race, I’m going to speak out on political issues’ – Hamilton.