F1 Gossip

♖ Lewis Hamilton ditched his trophy presented at the 2023 FIA Prize Giving, where he slammed specific individuals within the FIA.

♖ Lewis showed nothing but respect for Max and Red Bull at the 2023 FIA Prize Giving.

♖ Valtteri Bottas keeps himself in good shape over the winter break by biking around parts of the USA.

♖ Verstappen Adjusts His Expectations For 2024. As He Expects Other Teams to Catch Up.

♖ Fernando Alonso Shares His ‘Action Of The Year’ Award With Sergio Perez.

♖ Verstappen Backs His F1 Criticism: ‘My Salary Didn’t Grow Because Of The Sport Growing’

♖ Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya says it will not give up on hosting a Formula 1 race.

♖ Carlos Sainz is reportedly unhappy with the deal Ferrari offers him for a new contract beyond 2024.

♖ Daniel Ricciardo smiles when he hears rumours linking him with a potential return to Red Bull’s top team.

♖ Audi chief says F1 entry ‘schedule’ still on track despite rumours.

♖ The inquiry into suggestions that Toto Wolff and wife, Susie, had passed confidential information between them, the FIA dropped the investigation.

♖ Max Verstappen said Daniel Ricciardo became a terrorist during a recent karting race.

♖ Lewis Hamilton finished 341 points behind Max Verstappen in the 2023 F1 season.

♖ Sky Sports feels that some team owners are considering cashing in as they believe the sport’s market value has peaked.