Enzo’s Playground

14 July 2023

In 1972, Mr Ferrari constructed the Fiorano racetrack near the Maranello factory and his house.

Before this, Enzo and his underlings used the Autodromo di Modena for testing but faced restrictive regulations and other race car teams using the facility.

Enzo, having little control, decided to build his own playground.

The circuit copied the layout of some of the most testing corners of the then GP tracks, La Rascasse in Monaco and Tarzan corner Zandvoort, named after a local nicknamed Tarzan, who would only surrender his vegetable garden if the track had a corner named after him.

In 1971 the original circuit was 3km; in 1992, a chicane was added.

In 1996 the circuit was shortened to 2.99km, and a hairpin was added at the request of a new driver for Ferrari, none other than Michael Schumacher.

The circuit’s correct title is the ‘Pista di Fiorano’; it is constructed to Grade 1 Grand Prix standard.

In typical Enzo fashion, work started on the circuit in 1971 and was completed and ready for use on 8 April 1972.

A water sprinkler was added in 2001, enabling the track to be deluged in a matter of minutes, and the bulk of the water drains back into the system for reuse.

The man responsible for the hairpin, Michael Schumacher, also holds the lap record driving a Ferrari F2004 F1 race car in 2004.