Enzo was charged with Manslaughter.

23 June 2023

On the 18th of June 2023, the most extended edition of the Mille Miglia 1000 ended with Andrea Vesco winning after five days and covering 2,200 km of the historic event.
Mr Vesco encountered several complications at the beginning of the race; from thereon, with his consistent, calculated driving, he collected few penalties, assuring him of success.
Andrea Vesco’s fourth consecutive win from six entries was an incredible achievement.
It is said the Mille Miglia is about ‘travel, elegance, attitude and glamour.
Sadly, it was not always glamorous; started in 1927, the combination of high speed, danger and adrenalin resulted in numerous accidents.
In 1957 the danger took on a whole new meaning; Alfonso de Portago, a Spanish aristocrat, while travelling at 150mph with his co-driver, a tyre blew and spiralled their Ferrari into the crowd, claiming the lives of 10 people: 5 of them being children.
Both Portago and his co-driver died.
The tyre manufacturer was successfully sued.
Enzo Ferrari was charged with Manslaughter. The case was dismissed in 1961.
The Mille Miglia ended, and racing on public roads was banned.
1977 it was revived as a historical event just for cars registered between 1927 and 1957 that had previously entered or registered for a Mille Miglia race.
Long Live vthe Mille Miglia.