Enzo makes drivers and cars.

The Ferrari Driver Academy was formed in 2009 because Enzo said,many years previously, ‘I love to think Ferrari can make drivers as well as cars.’

The Brazilian driver Felipe Massa was the first to be taken on by the Scuderia in 2002, initially testing for the team and competing with Sauber throughout the early 2000s.

In 2006, Massa had made such an impression as a young driver that Ferrari partnered him with Michael Schumacher for that season.

Felipe’s success convinced Ferrari of the benefits of spotting and mentoring young talent, so the Ferrari Driver Academy was formed.

Although only five women to date have raced in Formula 1, there are no rules stopping women from driving.

‘Things, they are a changin’. Formula 1 and the F1 Academy have confirmed that for the 2024 season, all 10 F1 teams must have at least one driver and their racing livery on one car competing in the all-female racing series.

Although the F1 Academy is in its initial season this year it will receive considerably more exposure in 2024 when it becomes a support series at F1 grand prix.

Any thoughts on what Enzo would have made of women driving in F1?