The Four-wheel Addict

15 December 2022

Chris Rea first wrote ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ in 1978. He released it in 1988 (see below…..).

Initially written for Van Morrison, Chris didn’t get it to him.

The 80s were dire times for Chris Rea; it was close to Christmas, Chris had to get home to Middlesborough from Abbey Road Studios in London, his manager had just let him down, and his record deal was also on the line. ‘Everything seemed to be over,’ said Rea.

At the time, Chris had a driving ban, and his record company refused to pay for his train ticket. Fortunately, his wife wanted to pick him up, even though it was almost a five-hour drive.

On the drive back in their Austin Mini, it suddenly started to snow; while stuck, Chris began to look at the other drivers, who ‘all seemed so miserable.

He said: ‘Jokingly, I started singing: ‘We’re driving home for Christmas…’. Then, whenever the streetlights shone inside the car, I started writing down lyrics.’

Apart from his music, he is a confirmed petrolhead; he once said, ‘You don’t need to take drugs to be an addict; I’m happy to admit that I’m a four-wheel addict.’

Rea is a Ferrari fanatic; he owns a couple and has painted numerous pictures of Ferrari.

Chris is to auction 68 pieces of his art dedicated to his motoring passion, Ferrari.

The collection of paintings, La Passione, following the production of his 1996 film La Passione, is a semi-autobiographical story about a young boy’s fascination for his racing idol, Wolfgang von Tripps.

Von Tripps died in a Ferrari 156 at the 1961 Monza Grand Prix.