Driver of Dreams

17 June 2022

According to dream specialists, driving a car in your dreams can reveal how your life is controlled and by whom and how clear you are about your goals and inspirations.
Also, it seems that dreams can indicate what you can do to alter the direction of your life.

There are three distinct components, the first, Who is driving; the second, what you feel about the person driving and thirdly, whether or not you reach your destination.

If you are driving, it probably means you are in control; however, if someone else is driving, it may mean you have to consider their values and their impact.

How do you feel about who is driving? If it is you and you are happy, that is great; if you don’t feel that way or someone else is at the wheel, and you feel out of control, investigate what actions are necessary to correct the situation.

And last but not least, your destination; if you have arrived safely, then you seem to be on track and aligned with your goals; if you have to apply the brakes, you may need to consider if you are following the right path. If you crash, you may well be overdoing things and need to take time out. Crashing can also be an emotional indicator.

It is important to remember that dreams are not prophecies, simply indicators of your fears or plans.

It can be a bundle of wishes; as Aesop said, ‘Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.’