Can the Supercar Survive?

30 March 2023

I recently quoted, ‘my love of the internal combustion engine is tempered by the knowledge the future doesn’t involve it.’

We are entering a period where high-performance car makers will be forced to move from the internal combustion engine to electric.

The question is whether or not there is a place for the supercar and hypercar.

There may be a glimmer of hope.

Formula 1 is on course to deliver 100% sustainable fuels for 2026.

Ferrari and Volkswagen have welcomed a landmark EU ruling allowing cars running on e-fuels to be exempt from its ban on new ICE vehicles.

The EU bloc has agreed to amend the terms of its upcoming ban following complaints from Germany and Italy.

This amendment is good news for high-performance manufacturers; while building electric cars, they can also build internal combustion engines.

The decision is excellent news because it allows ICEs to go beyond 2036.

The news about e-fuels follows an announcement that manufacturers registering fewer than 1,000 cars annually will also be exempt from the ban.

Perhaps my love of the internal combustion engine can continue.