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Bugatti Rimac is Fleshed Out

Bugatti Rimac is Fleshed Out

In July 2021, Bugatti and Rimac announced a joint company, ‘christened as ‘One of the World’s most exciting Co-operation Projects.’

The leadership of this venture will be down to Mate Rimac, CEO, Oliver Blume (Chairman of Porsche) and Lutz Meschke (Deputy Chairman of Porsche). Stephan Winkleman, who was President of Bugatti since 2018, will move to Lamborghini as CEO. Christophe Piochon will be promoted to President of Bugatti and join the board of Bugatti Rimac as COO.

As to ownership, Porsche will own 45%, and Rimac has a controlling stake of 55%.

Rimac includes Porsche and Hyundai among its strategic investors, plus Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and others among an A-grade roster of customers.

Rimac is finalising the development of its second car, a two thousand-horsepower electric hypercar currently codenamed the C_Two. Sold out for its first year, the vehicle is to be built by what is to be Croatia’s most international company, with staff from 35 nationalities currently on the payroll.

Both Rimac and Bugatti will operate as individualistic brands, with Rimac based near Zagreb, Croatia and Bugatti, Molsheim in France.

Mate Rimac said, ‘I feel very honoured to lead this new joint company as CEO and, no doubt, start a successful, revolutionary and exciting new chapter for everyone involved. I am very excited to see Bugatti Rimac’s impact on the industry and develop innovative new hyper sports cars and technologies. It’s hard to find a better combination for new and exciting projects.’

Aristotle said, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts; let’s see if he was correct.