Bugatti Bolide

The Beautiful Bolide is a track-only car, allowing Bugatti to avoid many restrictions on road-going vehicles. In so doing, they have produced a very high-performance motor car.

The Bolide is a halo car permitting ardent fans to drool over and not a source of commercial profit for Bugatti.

The Bolide — a name that comes from French slang for ‘high-speed car.’

Regarding performance, the Bolide has an 8 litre W16 turbo engine providing 1,825 hp. Weighing in at 2,734 pounds, it is one of the lightest hypercars ever produced.

The Bugatti marque is one of the most renowned hypercar brands worldwide. The marque was inactive for years when a revival during the late 80s and 90s was unsuccessful. Volkswagen Group identified an opportunity and acquired Bugatti in 1998, formally including it in 2000.

First deliveries of the Chiron-embarrassing track monster aren’t due until 2024, but Bugatti says the concept’s design is unlikely to change much before production begins.

An expert jury made up of design professionals from different fields was crowned the world’s most beautiful hypercar, ‘by a substantial margin’ at the 36th Festival Automobile International in Paris earlier in 2021.

Bugatti has said this will likely be the last petrol-powered they will build. 

Bugatti will build only 40 at a price of at least £3.36 million.