Bentley Petersen Dartmoor Coupé

27 May 2022

Petersen Engineering manufactures this divine piece of artistic, elegant machinery in a small village in the heart of rural Devon.

Here vintage Bentley motor cars are restored, rebuilt and recreated.

The Bentley Petersen Dartmoor Coupé is a unique car using a 1950 Bentley as a basis, a Rolls-Royce 6.5 Litre engine, a Bentley S2 Continental rear axle and a Bentley gearbox. The body is its own design and influenced by the beautiful streamliners of the late thirties.

Recalling the fabulous coachbuilt streamlined designs of the 1930s, most notably those of Figoni et Falaschi and Saoutchik on Talbot-Lago and Delahaye chassis.

A streamliner is a vehicle incorporating streamlining, providing reduced air resistance.

The result is a very fast but relaxed Grand Tourer.

A car is as happy in the outside lane of a motorway. But equally at home cruising the streets of Monaco and Nice.

There is an emergence of small creative workshops that re-create old cars and motorbikes into new masterpieces. New masterpieces that are not subject to modern motor car design rules because they are on vehicles created long before the design rules were

Long live the Past.