Aston Martin One-78?

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, has the most expensive car collection in the world.

Reports suggest he owns 7,000 motor cars stored in aircraft hangers and cosseted by a small platoon of specialists.

The collection has 100s of Rolls, Bentleys, Mercedes, Ferraris, BMWs, and Jaguars.

Additionally, several one-offs, including a unique Jaguar XJ220, a Bentley Java, a Bentley Dominator (4×4), a Porsche Carma, a Koenigsegg Agera CC GT, a Cicero BDB Maestro, the only RHD Mercedes CLK GTR and two Ferrari Mythos

And 11 Aston Martins, of which 10 are One-77s.

The One-77 sports a carbon monocoque chassis and a 7.3-litre V-12, making it one of the largest and most powerful naturally aspirated production car engines ever made.

Curiously, no press conducted tests on the One-77 during the production run until the 77th model sold.

One of the options offered was the £30,000 mini Aston Martin Cygnet (based on the Toyota iQ) as a solution to urban mobility.

As the name suggests, Aston only built 77 units of the One-77.

However, one development car was returned to Aston Martin for a complete refurbishment.

This car is owned under NHTSA Show and Display registration in the United States, making a total of 78.