An open-top Super-bug?

15 July 2022

Exclusive! The new Bugatti will still use the W16 and be a Roadster.

Back in mid-2020, a rumour regarding Bugatti building a one-off Chiron roadster was ‘doing the rounds; it kinda’ made sense since Bugatti hadn’t used the Chiron architecture for open-top.

Before the Chiron, the Veyron offered the Grand Sport Roadster.

What didn’t make sense was the reference to a one-off model; the costs of tooling, design, torsional strengthening, and safety are weighty.

Now it seems there is to be an Open-top Bugatti and likely to be propelled by the Thor engine – an 8.0-litre W16 that churns out 1600 hp. 

And what’s more, there are plans to build more than one, in fact, 99—presumably, the number required to recoup the immense on-costs and a tiny profit for Bugatti presumably.

It is easy to overlook the costs of bringing a new car to the market, with a report that Bugatti lost approximately £5.05 million per car with the launch of the Veyron!

At this moment, little more is known about the topless bug, but rest assured, further updates are guaranteed.